All Dogmeat Item Codes

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All Dogmeat Item Codes – Fallout 4 console commands

Dogmeat is basically a shepherd and in this game, he proves out to be a very faithful companion when we talk about loyalty! He is capable of tracking players by their scent. This Dogmeat can get equipped with a wide range of items especially the cosmetic items. Here is the list;

  • All Dogmeat Item Codes

    • Dog Armor – 001C32C8
    • Light Dog Armor – 001B5ACC
    • Heavy Dog Armor – 001C32C7
    • Dog Collar – 00034602
    • Chain Dog Collar – 0018B210
    • Red Bandana – 0009C05B
    • Blue Bandana – 0017E917
    • Gunner’s Camo Bandana – 0017E922
    • Gunner’s Green Bandana – 0017E923
    • Leopard Print Bandana – 0017E91B
    • Jangles Bandana – 0017E91C
    • Skull Bandana – 0017E91D
    • Stars and Stripes Bandana – 0017E925
    • Striped Bandana – 0017E924

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