Robot Armor

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Robot Armor

The robot armor is actually a set of metal armor which humans use for protection but as compared to normal armors, they provide more protection ballistic and energetic attacks. These special robot armours are made from remains of the dead robots. The fact that it’s more protective leaves behind the problem that it’s heavier. for more cheats visit:

Robot Armor Standard

  • Robot chest piece – xx00863F
  • Robot right leg xx008646
  • Robot left leg xx008648
  • Robot right arm xx008642
  • Robot left arm xx008644

Robot Armor Sturdy

  • Sturdy robot chest piece – xx00863F
  • Sturdy robot right leg – xx008646
  • Sturdy robot left leg – xx008648
  • Sturdy robot right arm – xx008642
  • Sturdy robot left arm – xx008644

Robot Armor Heavy

  • Heavy robot chest piece – xx00863F
  • Heavy robot right leg – xx008646
  • Heavy robot left leg – xx008648
  • Heavy robot right arm – xx008642
  • Heavy robot left arm – xx008644

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