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Special weapon codes – console-commands fallout 4

Weapons are something which you definitely need to win a physical fight and when you have the specialised weapons, it is quite obvious that you will win, knowing that they are a source of your protection. Hence, to get specialised weapons in your game and becoming the most powerful, you will have to type the cheats along with the specialised weapon codes.

Deathclaw Gauntlets d8576
Power Fist 11b336
Junk Jet e942b
Hallucigen Gas Grenade e98e5
Grognak’s Axe ff002c79
Homing Beacon 65dec
Institute Beacon 174f8f
Broadsider fd11b
Kremvh’s Tooth 00225b5e
Shem Drowne Sword ff00364a
Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun ff001a74
Shishkebab ff001532
Suppressed Deliverer Pistol ff001a23
2076 World Series Baseball Bat ff003687
Zeta Gun ff001dec
Alien Blaster Pistol ff0010ea
Broadsider ff0036c9
Cryolator 00171B2B
Experiment 18-A ff001795
Revolutionary Sword 143ab5
Chinese Officer Sword 147be4
Shem Drowne’s Sword 238734
Syringer Rifle 14d09e

weapon codes

Minigun 0001F669
Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher 000BD56F
Flamer ff002e24
Gatling Laser ff002e1f
Gauss Rifle ff0036d3
Missile Launcher ff0031dc
Power Fist ff0017f0
Revolutionary Sword ff0019f9
Railway Rifle ff0026ce
Submachine Gun ff0031b5
Combat Shotgun ff00268c
Walking Cane ff001e22
Ripper ff0031b5

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