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Vault tec is the fifth addition of fallout 4 and actually the third workshop of this game, the player automatically gets to reach this add on once he gets to level 20. This vault tec addition is a great part is this game with full of fun adventures!

Vault-Tec Workshop Armor and Clothing

  • Legend of Vault 88 – xx001afd
  • Vault 88 dirty – xx0042b2
  • Vault 88 clean – xx0042ae

Vault-Tec Workshop Misc

  • Vault 88 Pip-Boy – xx004bd3
  • Vault-Tec control board – xx004825
  • Vault-Tec control board: East sector – xx0050f0
  • Vault-Tec control board: North sector – xx0050ef
  • Vault-Tec control board: North-East sector – xx0050f1

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