Wasteland Workshop Cages

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Wasteland Workshop Cages

The wasteland workshop has given one more addition that is the cages which can be either small to medium and to large cages. Since, these cages are items that need to be constructed, hitting the cage door, will eventually open the cage and bring the player up to a new le–vel! at fallout-4-console-commands.

Wasteland Workshop Cages


  • Cat cage – xx00081d
  • Dog cage – xx000813
  • Mole rat cage – xx000837
  • Mutant hound cage – xx000c80


  • Feral ghoul cage – xx000833
  • Gorilla cage – xx000878
  • Gunner cage – xx00081a
  • Insect cage – xx000844
  • Raider cage – xx000810
  • Super mutant cage – xx00080e


  • Brahmin cage – xx000818
  • Deathclaw cage – xx000817
  • Mirelurk cage – xx000808
  • Radscorpion cage – xx00082d
  • Radstag cage – xx00082e
  • Yao guai cage – xx000805

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